November 9th and 10th

An Event:
Semgroup Insights

"Forget it. The certainties. The exact science and the perfect formula. Forget it and question everything. Because unlearning is as important as learning. Knowing everything, is in fact, not knowing anything. Because knowledge goes beyond the probable and the apparent, it goes faster than all of us. It goes at the speed of light, because it is light. Blinding, overwhelming and violent. But light, finally. It arrives, touches you and it irradiates like a prism. Nuanced, magical, shared. It transforms you. Because when something hits you, it changes you. A plan without doing, is no more than a wish. A purpose, an intention. Today, there is crisis, but of value. Because ideas abound, but audacity is missing. Transform your mind. Reinvent and change the world. As many times as necessary."



Vito Muñoz

Periodista y empresario.

"(Las conferencias) Nos hacen ver el futuro, que es el objetivo de Reinvention. Los que no vienen, van a quedar sin reinventarse. Se quedarán rezagados. Acá es donde hay que estar."

Isabel Noboa

CEO - Consorcio NOBIS

"Reinvention es un evento súper importante para la era de hoy. Hay mucha gente interesada en el tema, lo cual nos alegra muchísimo porque eso significa un progreso para el país y para las empresas."

Alex Aldas

CEO - Aldasbrand

"Pueden estar en Nueva York, en Chicago, en Japón o en Sao Paulo, o pueden estar en Guayaquil, en Reinvention. Es una oportunidad única para ver la calidad de los speakers."

Santiago Naranjo

Director General - RE

"Estas charlas (las de Reinvention) te abren la cabeza -como con un destapador- para activarte cierto chip. Y parte de la motivación es encontrarte con mucha gente y compartirlo con alguien."



Samborondón - Ecuador

November 9th


Juan Señor Juan Señor

Opening Day 1

Cindy Gallop Cindy Gallop

How to re-invent, re-structure and re-design your business in order to own the future

Coffee Break

Juan Martínez Barea Juan Martínez Barea

The world that is coming

Nils Leonard Tim Oakhill

Comfortably Digital

Open Lunch

Erwin McManus Erwin McManus

The Artisan Soul

Nils Leonard Nils Leonard

The Woods Are Burning

Coffee Break

Cindy Gallop Cindy Gallop

The New Creativity: The Secret To Doing Great Work And Making Lots Of Money

Juan Señor Juan Señor

Closing Day 1

Fiesta VIP con conferencistas

November 10th


Juan Señor Juan Señor

Opening Day 2

Aaron Dignan Aaron Dignan

Ever Better Organization: Managing Complexity And Uncertainty In The 21st Century

Coffee Break

Diego Gutiérrez Diego Gutiérrez

The birth of the Internet of Value

Jessica Walsh Jessica Walsh

Play by your own rules

Open Lunch

Bert Oliva Bert Oliva

Make It Happen

Paola Aldaz Paola Aldaz

Innovation as a change agent

Coffee Break

Aaron Dignan Aaron Dignan

The New Leader: How To Lead In The 21st Century

Juan Señor Juan Señor

Closing Day 2


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